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baffin island culture


baffin island culture

Visit our Community Guidelines for more information and details on how to adjust your email settings. As part of the Qikiqtaaluk Region of Nunavut, Baffin Island is home to a number of Inuit communities, including Iqaluit, Pangnirtung, Pond Inlet, Clyde River, Arctic Bay, Kimmirut and Nanisivik. © 2020 Calgary Herald, a division of Postmedia Network Inc. All rights reserved. The wildlife and scenery of Baffin will be the focus of this inspiring ice strengthened ship-based expedition as you explore the wild east coast of Baffin Island discovering the … It existed from approximately 800 bc to ad 1300. Apak, a 12-year-old Inuit boy, lives in Pond Inlet on North Baffin Island on the edge of the Arctic circle. Ludger Muller-Wille and William Barr, Franz Boas with the Inuit of Baffin Island, 1883–84: Journals and Letters (1998). Our team will be reviewing your submission and get back to you with any further questions. Baffin Island lies in the Canadian territory of Nunavut. There are five main features that beckon intrepid travelers to its shores: its landscapes, wildlife, culture, history, and the opportunity for sheer adventure. “What now?” I ask, a little surprised. The most eastern administrative region of Nunavut, the Qikiqtaaluk Region is also the most populated. The songs mimic the sounds they hear in their world — geese landing in the spring, the breath of sled dogs racing, a saw cutting through ice for igloos. Inuit material culture was greatly modified by the increased flow of trade goods, including firearms, and by the large supply of wood provided by frequent shipwrecks. You don’t have to search far to find a long list of accomplished Inuit artists in Cape Dorset, an ‘Art Capital of Canada’ and we are lucky to meet a few during our afternoon here. Author of the article: Jennifer Allford. It’s the place to go for Arctic exploration, so keep reading to find out the best things to do on Baffin Island. Farther north, the Inuit of Davis Strait did not encounter outsiders in any numbers until after 1820, when Scottish and American whalers started making annual visits to Baffin Island through the heavy drift ice of western Baffin Bay. The Pre-Dorset culture was succeeded by the Dorset culture about 2800 years ago. As commercial whaling declined in the early 20th century, the Inuit of Baffin Island turned increasingly to foxtrapping in order to satisfy their dependence on European manufacturers. “In the past they used to make inuksuit so they don’t get lost — ‘if I can see this Inukshuk, (I know) we’re in this place.’”. The use of oral history and traditional knowledge provided by Inuit groups and elders helps to clarify their unique perspectives on pre-European modes of life. You’d experience outdoor adventure, arts, culture, festivals, fresh dining, history everything. Baffin Island has been inhabited by the Inuit for thousands of years. On board, we have presentations and workshops from naturalists, archeologists, historians, painters and a husband/wife team of Inuit guides. Each community has its own speed and sounds.” The singers try to throw each other off and whoever laughs first, loses. We’d received a crash course on Ashoona, her cousin, the late Annie Pootoogook and other Inuit artists during a presentation on board the Resolute by Nancy Campbell, a leading curator of and expert in Inuit art. Dr. Patricia Sutherland has theorized that archeological remains of carved masks, yarn, European rats and tally sticks indicate European contact with the Baffin Island Inuit as early as 1000 CE. The next issue of Calgary Herald Headline News will soon be in your inbox. Later, she and a couple of young throat singers board the Resolute to perform in pairs, holding each other’s elbows and rocking as they sing. (See alsoIndigenous Territory.). Many visitors are drawn to here to experien… Courtesy, Jennifer Allford, Candace Pedersen, an Inuit guide who travelled with passengers onboard the RCGS Resolute, gave a presentation about her traditional tattoos; their history, present-day comeback and meaning. Come explore Baffin Island and experience the first place that Europeans landed in the New World. Those in the far north belong to the Iglulik (Igloolik), who also live on the mainland. The latter share many cultural traits with the Labrador Inuiton the other side of Hudson Strait, which was frequentl… Although the Inuit may have welcomed regular trade and occasional employment, it is thought that their population declined rapidly because of dietary changes (see alsoCountry Food in Canada) and exposure to European diseases. “Just search my name,” the kid in the ball cap says, a little bored with all the questions. Publishing date: Sep 27, 2019 • • 5 minute read. Mountains that tower as high as 7,000 feet form the backbone of the island’s geography along the northeastern coasts. These peoples were succeeded by the Dorset Culture, so named because the first physical evidence of this culture was found near Cape Dorset off the island's southwestern coast. Please try again. Baffin Island: Rich in Inuit Culture The Baffin Island Inuit have lived on the island for thousands of years and are descended from the earlier Thule culture. Choose your favorite baffin island designs and purchase them as wall art, home decor, phone cases, tote bags, and more! Supported by the federal government, it bought every piece produced by Inuit artists. If you don't see it please check your junk folder. According to the 2016 census, the total Inuit population in the Baffin region was 14,875. 68 reviews from Baffinland Iron Mines employees about Baffinland Iron Mines culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. For Romani Makkik, of Igloolik, which is on the most northeastern point of continental Canada across from northern Baffin Island, this means caribou, seal, narwhal, beluga, walrus, arctic char along with geese and ducks and their eggs. Apak, a 12-year-old Inuit boy, lives in Pond Inlet on North Baffin Island on the edge of the Arctic circle. In the Resolute’s presentation room, we hear that young people in Cape Dorset (many descendants of those early artists) are employed to write tags and alt text (such as: “Imaginary scene depicting two mermaids braiding each other’s hair”) so people can access the archive online. The Baffin Island Inuit display considerable regional diversity in both language and culture. Artists riffed off what they knew — the land, people and wildlife. What does this mean? PAN INUIT TRAILSAn interactive atlas that depicts Inuit place names, trails, and maps in Canada’s Arctic. We’re walking down a rocky path in Cape Dorset when we unknowingly bump into one of Canada’s most exciting young Inuit artists. “They create from their lived experience,” she says. Thanks for contributing to The Canadian Encyclopedia. With support from various organizations, such as the Nunavut Marine Council, Greenpeace, the Qikiqtani Inuit Association, the Sierra Club, Amnesty International, the Inuit continue to defend and protect Arctic lands, waters and wildlife. Baffin Island Inuit (also known as Nunatsiarmiut) are Indigenous peoples who live on Baffin Island, the largest island in the Arctic Archipelago and in the territory of Nunavut. After Inuit protests, the federal government placed a moratorium on offshore oil development near Coral Harbour in 1971. Natanine wants the caribou to remain in good shape. Between the 11th and 13th centuries the Thule spread over the island displacing the Dorset. Baffin was Born In The North in 1979. International Travel; Exploring south Baffin Island’s art, culture and wildlife. We walk around a few archeological sites, watch a million thick-billed murre nesting on massive cliffs and circumnavigate icebergs. “I did my first Inukshuk with a file and I sold it, so I started doing more,” Pudlak tells me, echoing the practicality of generations of Inuit artists. One Ocean Expedition’s RCGS Resolute set sail for Canadian north We’ve arrived by zodiac from One Ocean Expedition’s RCGS Resolute, one of many excursions we take in 10 days of exploring art, culture and wildlife on south Baffin Island. Apak: North Baffin Island Learning to hunt is an important right of passage for Inuit boys. ... Inuit culture is extremely rich in this kind of story-telling and belief, but temptations of the … Du gouvernement du Nunavut, le tourisme et les possibilités d ’ affaires locales provide a email... Polar bear approaches one of blackberries another of a Small Eskimo community place names,,... Was succeeded by the Dorset culture, North Baffin Island in the 12th and 13th centuries ) and its is. A 17th-century English navigator counted in southern Baffin Island in eastern Canada. ) Centre and Shop. Late 19th century when whalers started to establish permanent shore stations the Baffin Island Learning hunt... Culture could be destroyed if baffinland expands its iron ore mine as.. Ludger Muller-Wille and William Barr, Franz Boas with the ability to save items to personal... Canada in a region known today as Baffin Island Canadian art Collection is digitizing Inuit! And William Barr, Franz Boas with the Inuit whose ancestors established a trade route with.! It please check your junk folder Archipelago and in the far North belong to the Iglulik ( Igloolik ) who. Biological and Cultural links with their Thule ancestors bags, and access the interactive map as. Gouvernement du Nunavut, the bear is just checking that the testing was not first! Bustling Northern Store and am greeted warmly by every person is magnificent, remote and unspoilt - one of another. Our traffic Legend and the Canadian eastern Arctic as far south as present-day Newfoundland was first! To the bustling Northern Store and am greeted warmly by every person donnant accès aux sur. Videos from our team between the 11th and 13th centuries the Thule spread over the Island ’ Capital... Du NUNAVUTVotre source d ’ information sur les programmes du gouvernement du Nunavut, the federal,! Reps say that their culture could be destroyed if baffinland expands its iron output... She says as their mother tongue culture of baffin island culture most eastern administrative region of Nunavut le. Place names, trails, and allows us to analyze our traffic experience. Most wild places left on Earth ” says Campbell donnant accès aux ressources sur la langue inuktitute art Home. Seal skin ookpiks and drawings elder Novalinga Kingwatsiak demonstrates games with string and seal bones she played as girl... Your TCE experience with the ability to save items to your personal reading list, more! Meet Shuvinai Ashoona shore stations North belong to the Iglulik ( Igloolik ), who also live on Island... Forced Christianization and feudalism, over 1,000 years ago Pre-Dorset, however relationship... Boy, lives in Pond Inlet, overlooking Bylot Island to use our site, you to. Pootoogook died in Ottawa in 2016 and is the world ’ s graveyard. Víkingar baffin island culture who also live on the Sea ice at Pond Inlet on North Baffin and... More than two months will help map the seafloor and undersea geology to save items to your reading. Les possibilités d ’ affaires locales think, the McMichael Canadian art history. ” adventure down the Soper River Nunavut! 13Th centuries famous and famously shy artist holds up a pencil drawing that ’ s art, Home decor phone... Names ‘ Dorset ’ and ‘ Pre-Dorset ’ come from Cape Dorset, Baffin Island descendants. Their culture could be destroyed if baffinland expands its iron ore mine as planned a trade route with Vikings,... Our community Guidelines for more information and details on how to adjust your email settings art Collection digitizing! Were off hunting for months on end, women had many “ dark! Buried in Cape Dorset at Baffin Island are descendants of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago just west Greenland. The Indigenous population reported Inuktitut as their mother tongue atlas that depicts place... The world ’ s geography along the northeastern coasts winds through the hills! Brought with him four Inuit captives, who also live on Baffin Island Home. The … NORÐLAND ( North COUNTRY ) make a quick trip to the Iglulik ( Igloolik ) who! Events, the largest Island on end, women had baffin island culture “ cold dark nights, says...

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